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Invest / Trade using my proprietary

$10 Rule℠ stock
picking system.

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Roughly 15 years ago, I noticed this incredible $10 Rule pattern. Stocks that

cross $10 often rally another 10-50% quickly. Sometimes, a lot more.

I screen for these $10 Rule℠ Stock ideas every night and email you only the best of these unique, special situations with the story behind the move . The story is what moves stocks. Not the other way around.

Big institutions usually are just starting to buy up shares of these smaller companies. They are often technology, biotech, or some special situation company with a new product or service that is getting popular. 

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There may be 10-25 names to hit my screen on any given day. I then research each of them to see why they are moving and recommend that you trade only the absolute best. In situations like this, imagination is more important than logic . We don’t care about the current PE ratio.

Simply put, when you join $10 Rule℠ Stocks , you’ll receive 2-3 emails per week with the $10 Rule stocks that are moving. We trade where the action is.

You’ll also get the Weekend Position Update Box so you know what positions we are in showing the current profit and loss of each position.

Typically, we will have 3 – 6 trades at a given time. You can’t buy everything. Average holding time is several days to several weeks. Occasionally, when a trade is working really well, we might hold a few months.


This is NOT for twitter trading addicts that need 3-5 trades per day to be satisfied. This is ideal for busy professionals, regardless of account size, 5k to a million.

If you want more affordable, special situation stocks that you have never heard of, that are more, better, different in some way, you are in the right place.

What Is $10 Rule℠ Stocks ?

$10 Rule℠ Stocks is a $55 per month email membership service for anyone who loves trading and investing (you know, you check your phone 22x per day) but you are too busy to do tons of research, be on twitter all day, watch CNBC, or go through 1000 charts per night (that’s my life). I’ll notify you by email immediately when an opportunity presents itself.

You’ll be able to review the trade idea quickly. I will give you the company name, ticker, story about why it’s great, show you the chart, and suggest a stop loss for when we are wrong (we will be wrong sometimes). I advise only taking the winners if you can.

I typically advise 10% of an aggressive stock portfolio in each trade idea.


Is it crazy to ask if you like the idea of having 500 shares of a $10 stock for 5k, or 2 shares of Amazon at $2,500?

I have found it’s easier to make money with stocks than can move +10-50% in a few weeks/months.

There will be Exceptions to the. $10 Rule℠ Stocks

Now, to be perfectly honest, these stocks are not always exactly $10… In order to bring you the absolute best possible trades, I will give you the occasional recommendation just below $10 and sometimes over (but never over $50).

When I find a compelling story and opportunity, I will always share it with you. I want to make sure you get the most out of your membership. There is no reason to be locked into a strict $10 rule when something special presents itself.


I will tell you what stock to buy and when. Then, when I think it is best to sell (not likely to be the top tick so you know).

Here is the thing. You get the credit, I get the blame.

When you have a big winner, you can tell your friends about your gain in some stock nobody has ever heard of. You will be able to tell people why it moved and how you got in early.

If for some reason things don’t go well every once in a while, you can blame it on me.

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Your Premium Subscription is just $55 / month

There’s only one more thing you need to know before you decide if you’re in or out. I have to keep this membership limited to 300 members.

Reason being, these cheaper stocks will move too much if there are too many buyers at the same time.

You can cancel anytime.

If you join, and the recurring $55 per month Paypal payment hits, but you have changed your mind and want to cancel but didn’t catch it in time (I hate this) , I am happy to give you a refund within a couple days. Unlike most others, I DO GIVE REFUNDS.

If you can put a little skin in the game ($55 a month), I promise you’ll find this worth your while. Let’s call it the cost of some wings and a couple of beers.

Testimonials – What $10 Rule Stocks members have to say

Ridiculous winning! After a discovery call w/Jeff, I signed up for his $10 Rule service. 30 days later I’m looking at a 30% gain and now two of my friends have signed up! Jeff’s service couldn’t be easier. You get the reasoning behind his buy-alerts, when to enter, when to exit, and how much to hold.
I recently subscribed to Started with small lots to see where it would go. I coudn’t be happier with the result. All trades are in profit and up from 5% to 42% in past 2 weeks. My Only regret is that didn’t take larger positions. Thanks
Karen Peters
Karen Peters – @bhushana
Just a quick note to say I love those $10 dollar rule stocks. I have taken 4 of the trades so far and made money in each of them… Having your alerts has saved me lots of time doing what it takes to find high quality stocks to earn big returns.

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Your Premium Subscription is just $55 / month

Disclaimer: With trading, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. That’s why you must do your own research.

While the rewards can be great, you have to be aware of the potential for risk, too. You need to know that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future success, and all decisions you make must be your own.

If you’re cognizant of this fact and you’re still interested in trading, then, by all means, please come join $10 Rule Stocks.

If you’re not comfortable or you don’t feel completely informed, then come on back when you’re ready. If we still have available memberships at that time, we’ll be here for you.